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Aleksander’s Theory

(Big Bang Theory extension)


The Black Holes of infinite mass does not exist - there is definite mass of these objects - and it is approximately the mass of our Universe (about 90-95%).

Black Hole Gravity after achieving this mass change the sign for the opposite within a fraction of second - it changes from attraction into repulsion and that causes a Big Bang.

This phenomenon explains what we called „Inflation” that’s mean exceeding the speed of light by expanding universe in first seconds after explosion. Gravity is the strongest in small distances - that’s mean that opposite gravity is similar. Force produced in the beginning of expansion was gigantic. Not only the speed of light was exceeded, but due to this immense pressure a part of „dark energy” inside the object was transformed into „dark matter”.

1. The next question is: Why 25 % of our Universe is the „dark matter”? Probably in the first moment after Big Bang there was much less „dark matter” (something about 5% of mass), but in the moment of exceeding the speed of light (due to Relativity Theory) the time has receded and Big Bang has changed into Big Shrink - the matter like a gigantic hammer has hit back spherical the center, changing the part of „dark energy” into „dark matter”. Afterwards was the continuation of explosion. After „x” times of this kind of shrinks has left only such amount of „dark energy” sufficient to that the next stage of explosion could be a linear process and the speed of extension of matter do not exceed the speed of light any more. That means the present quantity of „dark matter” is strictly correlated with the sum of energy of „dark energy” and the mass of our Universe. The inflate shrimps has extinguish also the whole rotational movement of exploding Black Hole matter.

In our Universe the Black Holes are in the centers of galatics - we can suppose that this gigantic one has also his own stellar surrounding. Probably the biggest explosions in our Universe (instead of Big Bang) are annihilating in a fraction of second stars in contact with expanding Event Horizon with speed of light (or in „Inflate” phase exceeding speed of light) in the early phase of Big Bang (when the interior of our Universe was extra dense).

Conclusion - in our Universe the explosion like this does not happen any more.

Now the Event Horizon or the border of our Universe has no longer a destructive power, and the worlds which it passes are experiencing only the change of view (after it passed it is only possible to observe the interior of our Universe). We can say about the Universe in which the Dark Hole has evolved - that is much more older than our’s. We can suppose that 100% of his mass consist of Baryonic Matter. New Universes - like ours - enriched it in such elements like „Dark Energy” and „Dark Matter”. (these are the most durable elements which exist in our Universe).

Our Universe is not homogeneous - it is a mix of objects from ancient Universe (which is much more older than 14 billions of years) and the objects arisen in Big Bang. That ancient object are supposed to be scattered less often, and - what is the result of its age - are difficult to see due to its weak activity.

Method to confirm the assumptions of this theory:

I think that it will be not so difficult to confirm the veracity of this theory. The stellar objects approaching us with big speed (with specter shifted toward ultraviolet) should be found. These will be the burned out, ancient stars with very weak luminescent and other similar burned out objects.

However its speed after consideration of inhibitory influence of „dark energy” surrounding our universe will be far of speed of light. It will depend on time which has passed from the moment of swallowing this object by our Universe and its inhibitory properties.

We can compare it to Great Hadron Collider in CERN: we are run out by the Big Bang matter and the objects of ancient Universe are the shield on which we can shatter.


  1. Dark Energy - these are atoms of hydrogen after connection with changed Higs Bozons with repulsion properties. They have a mass and by their repulsion properties they fill evenly all our expanding Universe. Probably in the future it will be possible to use them for drive vehicle - but only as a gases. The rapprochement of atoms due to repulsion properties is probably impossible.
  2. Dark Matter - these are atoms of hydrogen after connection with changed Higs Bozons with neutral properties. They have a mass but they don’t have a gravity properties - neither attractive nor repulsive, but because of their mass they can strengthen the attractive gravity. They can be use in many ways, but firstly their state of matter has to be change. To condense the extra low temperatures are necessary (about -273 Celsius degrees). The optimum would be to get the metallic hydrogen - but this is still beyond our capabilities. In my opinion, in the future we should built that kind of accelerators, which would be able to shoot the proton or neutron into atomic nucleus and in that way create new, stable nucleus (not isotopes produced by modern accelerators). In that way, we could create by helium, lithium till beryllium (or even further) a box for „dark energy”, armor of the ship or isolating layer from the influence of gravity (for example earth gravity).

  3. In the future, when we will be able to built the accelerators creating stable elements, we will be able also to transform „dark matter” and „dark energy” into the proper elements creating strong chemical bonds and create space ships armors from the mix of compounds of „dark matter” with „dark energy”. In that way we could obtain materials with expected stables gravity properties dependent upon proportion of particle of „dark matter” and „dark energy” in obtained material. („dark matter” can connect with „dark energy” because it’s gravity is neutral).
  4. The future of our Universe is unstoppable extension in Ancient Universe and absorption of Its encountered objects.
  5. Probably the origin of our Universe - the gigantic Black Hole is not an exception in the Ancient Universe. There is a chance (very small) to meet the other explosion of similar Universe. Maybe one day our sky will glow up and we will see brand new stellar constellations moving towards us on the one half of our sky. On the second half the stellar constellations will disappear for a long time or at least will strongly fade (depending on optical properties of Event Horizon of new Universe). Then our Universe will completely change. The swelling of „dark energy” will arise moving with the speed depending on the density of both universes and changing the fragile gravity balance in less dense universe. After this nothing will be the same....
  6. I do not demand the existence of other Universes, but I assume that our Universe is a part of something bigger, much more older and that the event like Big Bang may not be an exceptional event.
  7. We can assume that the Black Holes of our Universe consist mostly from Baryonic Matter (probably in 100%), but after Big Bang this kind of matter constitute only about 6% of mass in our Universe (69% is Dark Energy and about 25% is Dark Matter). We can conclude then, that the creation of our Universe is a transformation the 94% of Baryonic Matter into other forms. Baryonic Matter is the only one which is favourable to create a life so the creation of every new Universe dramaticly reduce the chances to creation of life.
  8. During Big Bang 69% of His Bozons was transformed into its contrary 25 % has undergone complete transformation, and only 6% retains its original properties.
  9. The fact that for astronomers the „Dark Energy” and the „Dark Matter” is imperceptible is understandable - they are searching for something exotic, for the unknown particles. Meanwhile these are commonly known hydrogen atoms, only with different properties of gravitational influence.
  10. Preceding balance (waste of Barionic Matter) suggests our uniqueness - the chance for rise a generation of new universes are close to zero.
  11. Maybe the hydrogen atoms of „Dark Energy” can have more powerful force of gravity repulsion than our matter (barionic) attractive gravity, because our matter is unprocessed by super Black Hole rest of matter of Ancient Universe (these 6%), and „Dark Energy” is transformed by the maximum of possible gravity 69% mass of this Black Hole (increased repulsion gravity is only a hypothesis. That could make difficultlt catching these elements from cosmic space, but the benefits in using it would be much more bigger.

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  1. The conclusion comes that beyond all the forces exist ing in the universe, the most creative is the pressure. This is the pressure which - in the moment of supernova star collapse - causes creation of new heavy elements, and in the case of Big Bang transforms gravity into its opposite, and later a make part of it inactive.

  2. In the center of Black Hole there is no „singularity”, but only superdense matter spacetime and gravity effects observed and predicted by us. If we would looked deep inside the Black Hole we would see nothing. Central fine piece is so small that it is impossible to see it. Average star absorbed by black hole occupies probably the volume of thimble (probably not that volume but for sure its volume is finite)

  3. „Dark Matter” creates the clouds on the edging of galaxies in the space. The mass of „Dark Matter” in some way strengthens the gravity forces which merge the galaxies. Of course from this „Dark Matter” clouds will not rise any star.

  4. The atoms of „Dark Energy” are filling evenly the intergalactic spaces. Within the galaxies occur in the interstellar emptiness. These are they which are elbowing our Universe.

  5. 6% of baryonic matter of our Universe is probably the result of very fast rotation maternal Black Hole. The center of this gigantic Black Hole (probably of the volume of Jupiter, or max-size star - in any way with the finite dimensions) was rotating super-fast. The centrifugal force on the equator did not allow the part of matter to transform into Dark Energy in the moment of critical phase transition - that means in the moment of Big Bang.

  6. Some of the new astronomic observations which confirm my theory:
    1. Quazar (SDSS J0100+2820) observed in the moment when from Big Bang passed 900 billions of years has the mass three times bigger than mass of the black hole in the center of Milky Way - I think that this is the object from external cosmos, which was absorbed by our Universe due to its expansion. It is much more older than our Universe.

    2. CID-947 Galaxy, which lays about 11 billions of light years has a black hole constituting 10% of mass of the whole galaxy (in our cosmos black holes in the centers of galaxies usually do not exceed 0,2-0,5% mass of the whole galaxy) - in my opinion this is the galaxy from the external cosmos, which was shaped without the sheath of dark matter - which hasn’t existed than yet.

    3. The phenomenon of „dark influence” detected on the map of microwave background radiation. It can indicate the proximity laying supermassive black hole externally to our universe.

    4. Scholz Star (WISE J072003.20-084651.2) - double system of red dwarf with brown dwarf - that’s mean two very old stars which passes the Solar System about 70 thousands of years ago - that’s probably the system from the external cosmos absorbed by our Universe. The trajectory not connected with the objects of our Universe can indicate it, as well as her age which is the result of the place of these stars on the „star string”


(The whole version of Aleksander’s Theory is on the web page www.teoriamilosci.pl)